Decentralised data management infrastructure for individuals and businesses

1. Abstract:

This white paper introduces a novel data management ecosystem, consisting of the Universal Network Universal identity, Universal currency and the Uniflow mobile and web applications. This innovative system aims to address the prevalent issues of data security, ownership, and the risk of cyberattacks that are inherent in centralised systems. By decentralising control and ownership of data, we intend to enhance individuals' and businesses' sovereignty and facilitate instant data transactions. The Uniflow system, is a distributed ledger technology (DLT), provides a solution to common limitations associated with existing DLTs like blockchain, Dag, HashGraph, Holochain, and Radix, focusing on scalability, security, and decentralisation. Alongside the Uniflow ecosystem, the Universal Network forms a ground-breaking infrastructure for storing, exchanging, and controlling data. This paper will provide a detailed exploration of this ecosystem, its technical underpinnings, and potential applications. We envisage that our approach will catalyse a significant shift in data management practices, placing the power back into the hands of rightful data owners, fostering a new era of data self-sovereignty.In essence, we are not just proposing a platform; we are providing the foundation for a truly inclusive, equitable, and ecient digital economy..