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Financial modelling tool forearly-stage startups.

Empowering business owners with data-driven financial insights.
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Financial planning for small businesses

Create Your 4-Year Financial Plan in Minutes – No Excel or Finance Skills Required

  • No financial skills required
  • Guide you step-by-step
  • Get projections,
  • Calculate your valuation
  • Export to Excel or PDF
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Benefits of Using Uniflow financial modelling tool:

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Pinpoint Profitable Products/Services

Understand the profitability of individual products or services. make strategic adjustments to optimize your bottom line.

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Forecast Cash Flow & Avoid Surprises

Forecast your cash flow and know exactly how long your current funding will last. Proactively plan for growth or necessary adjustments.

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Scale Your Business with Confidence

Model different growth scenarios to determine whether you can scale organically or if additional investment is required

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Investment-Winning Business Models

Present polished financial plans, accurate projections, that demonstrate the potential of your venture and secure the funding you need.

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Know Your Exact Funding Needs

Get a real-time, crystal-clear view of your business finances. Make informed decisions about pricing, costs, and investments.

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Validate Business Ideas in Minutes

Make data-driven decisions about your business ideas. Avoid costly mistakes by testing financial feasibility before investing time and resources.

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Establish a business valuation

Receive valuation using industry-accepted methodologies (Premium feature)

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Why Businesses Choose Uniflow

Forget spreadsheets, our intuitive interface guides you step by step

Ease of Use

Data-backed projections that you and an investors can trust


Scale with confidence, our tools adapt to your business

Growth Focused:


Absolutely! Our forecasting tool is designed specifically for business owners who want easy-to-use financial insights, even without a finance background. We eliminate the need for costly advisors, making smart forecasting accessible to everyone

We get it! We bootstrapped too. Most forecasting tools are crazy expensive or way too complicated. That's why we made ours differently. We have special startup-friendly pricing, and you can access 90% of our powerful features for absolutely free.The pricing starts from 29.99 a month - a fraction of what others charge.

Not yet, but it's on our roadmap! We understand how valuable direct accounting software integration is. We're actively working on building those connections. In the meantime, is there a specific accounting software you use? We'd love to prioritize integrations that our users need most

Absolutely! You can export your forecasts in both Excel and PDF formats. The formatting is designed specifically for presentations, making it easy to share your insights with investors or stakeholders.

Yes, you have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time. To ensure you get the full value of your current billing period, your subscription will remain active until the end of the month.

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