Our Mission:

Change people and companies perspective on personal and financial data

The story and mission behind Uniflow

When I got my first pay-check at 18, I was honestly clueless about what to do with it. A year later, and I became a financial advisor, but I was taught how to sell financial products, not how to actually manage money. By the time I hit 23, I had my own business raking in 500k in revenue, but I still didn't have the basic skills to handle my business and personal finances.

The school system is failing us around the world, leaving our kids without the financial knowledge they need. By the time we hit 25, there is no proper guidance in money matters. This, eventually led to the downfall of my business, leaving me in massive debt and without a place to call home. Similar story happening to individuals who are also ending up in debt, without savings, and small business owners who often are force to close the business because of the poor money management.

Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way, managing my money with a an Excel sheet to claw my way out of debt as there was nothing safe, cheap and powerful on the market that quite fit the bill. I also discovered that there wasn't a single tool that allowed small business owners like me to manage everything from one place. Add the living cost crisis and increasing accessibility of AI and we got not only people in debt but also a plethora of a more fake identities and stolen data, skyrocketing our trust issues to new heights. With major players like Facebook, Google and YouTube who let us down with data breaches many times, our personal information are everywhere. The current tech landscape makes it impossible to control your data and does not make it easy to properly manage your money.

Can you imagine the world where people wants to have less money, or be in debt? I can’t, No one, similarly to me whether an individual or a business owner, want to have less money, to be drowning in debt, or stressing about whether they'll make it to the end of the month. And, of course, the constant worry about data security is a universal concern nowadays. This is why we are creating fully decentralized data and money management applications, where everyone is in control. This means that every person who uses our platforms will become a sole owner of their data. By providing people and businesses with the infrastructure of the future, our aim is to change the way people think about financial and personal data. give ownership of data back to people, help individuals on breaking free from the paycheck-to-paycheck and conquering debt, so at the end of the day we can empower you to take control of your life.

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Our mission is to change perspective on personal and financial data and allow everyone to become fully independent to have full freedom of choice about the life.

That means:
1) Control your personal data
2) Control your financial data (money)

People's lives are tide up to personal data and money, but for me being in full control means not only own my data but also be able to manage it.

This is why we are also providing an automated financial planner that will help you understand and sort out your finances so you, me and everyone else can finally be in full control of our lives.

The values that drive our company

Uniflow core values are around Mission and Vision, We believe that every person should have the power to decide on what they want to do with their data. It is your decision whether you want to share it with advertisers, and get paid for it or not. Everyone regardless of their origin should be able to transparently transact with one another and have access to financial education so can have equal chances to become financially






Our Vision

Uniflow core values are around Mission and Vision, We see the world connected. Where you are the owner of your data and can easily manage it using your phone. Every product, good or service you can think of, that a person could need, can be bought and sold with ease using the Uniflow ecosystem. The place where the products around the globe are tracked, so everyone knows where certain goods are coming from and wheatear or not have been used before, so there is no need to trust labels as you see everything on your profile.‍ Buying a house or car using smart contracts will be so much cheaper than ever before as there are no extra fees incorporated with lawyers and agreements. It will be just a simple peer-to-peer transaction. You would exactly know how many people had that home or vehicle before and what kind of services were going on with it.‍ This is the power of smart contracts and the soon realised Universal blockchain.